Jonathan's Story


Jonathan the Seagull was a high minded bird indeed. It is said that for most gulls it is not flying that matters, but eating. But that was not so with Jonathan. Jonathan soared for decades not bound by the instinct to constantly feed that ruled the other gulls. But then came the fateful day when all that changed. The day when our friend picked up his first Steve’s Grilled Cheese. In a moment Jonathan went from being a free flying high spirit to a grilled cheese chasing fiend and today Jonathan lives only to get his next bite of a Steve’s Grilled Cheese. Sightings of Jonathan are reported often these days along the beaches and boulevards of Sea Isle City NJ and reports often include detail as to Jonathan’s eery call. A tortured refrain delivered in a zombie like cadence over and over again. For most people they just hear a gull call but for those that speak seagull the chant is understood clearly. What our friend is chanting over and over again, hour after endless hour is

Steve’s Grilled Cheese…..Steve’s Grilled Cheese…..Steve’s Grilled Cheese

They Say It’s The First Bite That Gets Ya